INT & FIN & EST & S & N CH JW-99 W-03
Newcards's Fourwheeldrive, FIN15024/99

- Male, born 29.1.99, "Ripa" 
- Owner: Sanna Kuusela, Hankasalmi
 3 months old.  Ripa nearly 6 months old with his owner sanna Kuusela
 About 1,5 years old.  3,5 years
 Ripa with Taija Pötsönen BOB in Norway 5.10.02  Showing his speed in agility with Sanna...
 4 years old, Eastern 2003  
 Ripa with her wife INT & FIN & S & N CH Big-Wood's Tirion + 3 of their 6-months-old children 12.10.2003   Ripa winning The Finnish Winner title 2003. Photo by Leena Pirinen.
 Summer 2003, photo Sari Kärki  Summer 2003, photo Sari Kärki
 Ripa 6 years being the best male at the Finnish Corgi Specialty 2005, handled by Taija Pötsönen. At the European Winner Show 2006 with Taija again.
  Seven years old Ripa pictured by Sari Kärki 2006