23.12.2007 update
Updated puppies-page with pictures of 10 days old puppies.

13.12.2007 update
Updated puppies-page with just born babies.

8.12.2007 update
Moved Linda's puppies from puppies-page to litters-page.

8.12.2007 Helsinki Int Winner Show
Pipsa was BOB-veteran and Ripa BOS-veteran. Rosti was best male and got the title Winner 2007.

17.11.2007 Jyväskylä INT
Pipsa was BOB-veteran and best bitch 4.

4.11.2007 update
Put pictures of 7 weeks old puppies.

14.10.2007 update
Put pictures of 4 weeks old puppies.

13.10.2007 update
Updated a new mating. More at puppies-page.

7.10.2007 update
Put pictures of 3 weeks old puppies at puppies-page.

13.9.2007 Newcard's O-litter is born!
More at puppies-page.

4.9.2007 update
Updated obedience-results for Tiina Lösönen's girls Inka and Madde.

25.8.2007 puppy-update
Linda is pregnant. More at puppies-page.
Linda teki oman urosvalintansa ja vaikuttaa sille että aikoo lapsensa myös synnyttää. Kolme viikkoa kantoaikaa jäljellä...

25.8.2007 Tervakoski Int
Pipsa was best bitch and BOB-veteran

25.8.2007 update
Put one new picture at Pontus' page

19.8.2007 Heinola
Ripa was BOB-veteran.

11.—12.8.2007 Joensuu
Ripa was BOB-veteran both days.

7.8.2007 update
Updated an older obedience-result at Love's page.

5.8.2007 Turku
Pipsa was BOS and BOB-veteran.

4.8.2007 Kuopio
Ripa was best male 2 and BOS-veteran.

Pipsa and Ripa whispering...

29.7.2007 Latvia Riiga, Corgi Specialty
Sira was best bitch 2 and got a CC.

7.7.2007 Juva INT
Ripa was BOB and BOB-veteran.

Karjaa 1.7.2007
Tahvo got his first CC and a reserve Cacib.

10.6.2007 Jämsänkoski
Ripa was BOB-veteran again.

9.6.2007 Jämsänkoski Corgi Specialty
Ripa was BOB- & BIS-veteran and Pipsa was BOS-veteran.

26.5.2007 Iisalmi
Ripa was BOB-veteran and BOS.

26.5.2007 Jokela obedience
Madde got third prize.

20.5.2007 Latvia INT
Roope was best male 2 with CC and res.-Cacib.

20.5.2007 Rauma
Kääriäinen is Finnish Champion!

17.5.2007 Kotka obedience
Madde got first prize and was fourth within 17 competitors!

7.5.2007 Jokela obedience
Madde was at her first obedience trial and got third prize.

6.5.2007 Leppävirta
Ripa was BOB-veteran.

29.4.2007 Lahti INT
Ripa was BOB-veteran.

19.4.2007 puppy-update
Both mated girls, Leidi and Linda, seemed to be empty. No puppies this time either...

8.4.2007 Lappeenranta
Ripa was BOB-veteran.

27.3.2007 update
Made a page for Ville (Newcard's Gosh it's Garp).

11.3.2007 Vilna INT, Lithuania
Sira was BOS with CC. Roope got a class-CC and was best male 3 again.

10.3.2007 Vilna INT Winner Show, Lithuania
Sira was best bitch 2 and got reserve Cacib and class-CC. Roope also won his class with CC and was best male 3.

7.3.2007 Updates
- Sanna's boys Ripa and Rosti have now their own separate pages. I put a link to those at their pages.
- Updated puppies page with Leidi's mating and Linda's season.

24.2.2007 Tuusniemi
Ripa was in veteran class for the first time beeing BOB-veteran as well as BOB.

Leidi started her season and I have plans to breed her now. More on puppies-page.

11.2.2007 Hankasalmi, obedience trial
Ripa got first prize again in novice class obedience and got his first obedience title TK1. I have no idea, how to translate that, so I am not even trying...

27.1.2007 Turku INT
Loordi was best male with Cacib and Kääriäinen was best male 4 and got reserve CC and res.-Cacib.

6.1.2007 Kajaani INT
Ripa was best male 2 and got reserve Cacib.

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