Stockholm INT Swedish Winner 10.11.2006
Rosti was BOS and got the title Swedish Winner 2006.

Rosti in the left handled by Maija Kosunen.
BOB in the right (Geestland's Kitimat) came also from Finland.
Picture taken by Ragge Strandberg.

12.11.2006 Kangasniemi obedience trial
Ripa got first prize again. One more and he will get his first obedience title...

7.10.2006 Kongsvinger INT, Norway
Linda was BOB and Rosti BOS - both got a Cacib.

1.10.2006 Jyväskylä obedience trial
Ripa got first prize and was second within 12 dogs.

Updated puppies-page with my next puppy-plans...

Made a page for Netta (N. Nocturnal Note).

3.9.2006 Helsinki
Madde was BOS-puppy.

Changed one picture at Linda's page.

Kouvola 19.8.2006
Rosti was BOB.

Helsinki Puppy Show 5.8.2006
Pontus was BOS-puppy.

Two new pictures of Nancy.

Kuopio Sawo Show 4.—6.8.2006
On Friday 4.8. Ripa was BOS, on Saturday Rosti was BOS Ripa being second and on Sunday Ripa was BOS again and Rosti third in males. Put two new pictures at Ripa's picture-page.

23.7.2006 Mäntsälä
Roope got his first CC.

Made a page for Kim (Newcard's King of Lions).

N-puppies got their 6-month-birthday and four of them visited me.
Took new pictures of them: Madde, Nancy, Pontus, Nuutti

8.7.2006 Salo
Loordi was best male with CC and got his Finnish Champion title.

1.7.2006 Ulvila
Kääriäinen was Best of Breed and got his second CC.

Changed pictures at Leidi's page.

10.6.2006 Helsinki European Winner show
Kääriäinen was best junior male and got the title European Junior Winner 2006, Rosti was best male with the title European Winner 2006 and Linda got reserve Cacib in bitches.
My breeder-group 10.6.2006. From left Ripa with Taija Pötsönen, Linda with me, Rosti with Sanna Kuusela and Kääriäinen with Pirjo Heikkilä.

9.6.2006 Hämeenlinna, National Specialty
Sira was best junior bitch (within 25 bitches) and got reserve CC. Leidi got also "excellent" in the same class. Chili was third in open class bitches and Tinka fourth (27 entries in open bitches). Rosti was best male 2.

Made a page for Nekku (N. Nette's Nugget)

Piikkiö 28.5.2006
Linda was BOB.

28.5.2006 Järvenpää
Roope was best male 2 with reserve CC.

28.5.2006 Joensuu
Ripa was BOB again.

27.5.2006 Joensuu
Ripa was BOB.

Put new pictures at Madde's and Nancy's page.
Roope has made an own home-page. Put a link to that at his page.

20.5.2006 Keitele
Rosti was BOB.

13.5.2006 Harjavalta
Kääriäinen was best male 2 and got his first CC.

Changed pictures at Tahvo's page (N. Milk and Toast).

7.5.2006 Pori
Tahvo (N. Milk and Toast) was best male 3 with reserve-CC.

7.5.2006 Suolahti
Ripa was BOB.

Changed one picture at Nata's page again.

Took a way a couple of pictures at Madde's (N. Norma Jean) page and add one new.

Put new pictures of Nome and Roope.

Made a page for Pontus (N. New Showman).

Changed pictures at Nata's page.

Lahti INT 23.4.2006
Linda was best bitch with CC and Cacib and became Finnish & Norwegian Champion.

Changed Luna's picture

Made a page for Nata (N. Natalie Wood) and Madde (N. Norma Jean).

- Took away early pictures of my N-litter and add the puppies to litters page
- Made a page for Nancy (Newcard's Nancy Nonstop), who visited us yesterday
- Updated puppies page
- Moved News 2005 to a separate page

18.3.2006 Tampere INT
Ripa (N. Fourwheeldrive) was Best male 2 and his daughter Linda (N. Linda My Linda) was best bitch 2. Also my juniors Kääriäinen (N. Midnight Special) and Roope (N. Make Me Smile) were prized with excellents at their first official show. Kääriäinen won his class and Roope was second.

Sira (Blacksoleran Breedback) was in Lithuania. She won the junior-class and got a title Lithuanian Junior Winner 2006.

N-litter is seven weeks old now. New pictures here.

N-litter is four weeks old now. New pictures here.

N-litter is two weeks old today. New pictures here.

Turku INT 21.1.2006
Nome (M. Moonlight Shadow) was BOB-puppy. Tahvo (N. Milk and toast) and Leidi (N. Morning has Broken) also got a price of honour although beeing second in their classes. Linda was best bitch 3 with reserve CC and reserve Cacib.

Newcard's N-litter was born yesterday! One-day-old pictures of the puppies at puppies -page.

Added a link to Kilvroch pages from Ella's page. Ella is the mother of my next litter, which will born soon...