NEWS 2005!

Put one new picture on Linda's page.

18.12.2005 Helsinki International Nordic Winner Show
Linda was BOB and Ripa BOS and my breeders-group (with Linda, Ripa, Loordi and Rosti) was BOB-group => Nordic Winner 2005 titles for both Ripa and Linda.
 From the left Ripa handled by Taija Pötsönen, judge Tuula Pratt, me with Linda.
Picture by Johanna Flinck.

Put new pictures on Luna's page.

4.12.2005 Lithuania, Vilnius national show
Sira was best of breed junior with CC.

4.12.2005 Helsinki puppy-show
Roope (N. Make Me Smile) was BOS-puppy.

New pictures: Nome (N. Moonlight Shadow), Roope (N. Make Me Smile), Kääriäinen (N. Midnight Special)

Jyväskylä INT 19.11.2005
Sira was best bitch 3 with reserve CC and her grandfather Rosti was BOS.

Updated puppies -page.

Kaarina puppy show 13.11.2005
Tahvo ( N. Milk and Toast) was best male 2, Lady (N. Morning has Broken) was BOS and Kääriäinen (N. Midnight Special) was BOB-puppy and GROUP 1 !!!

Espoo puppy show 5.11.2005
Nome (N. Moonlight Shadow) and Roope (N. Make Me Smile) entered their first puppy show Nome being BOB-puppy and Roope third in 5-7 month old boys.

Seinäjoki 22.10.2005
Sira had her first junior class show and did great being Best Bitch 3 with reserve CC.

Hyvinkää 18.9.2005
Linda was BOB with CC.
I also changed the picture at Ripa's page and put the old one to his picture-page.

Siilinjärvi 17.9.2005
Ripa (INT & FIN & S & N & EST CH JW-99 W-03 Newcard's Fourwheeldrive) was BOB and Rosti (INT & FIN & N & DK CH Newcard's Jack Pot) was Best Male 2.

Porvoo 11.9.2005
Luna (N. Kangaroo Girl) was best bitch 2 with reserve CC.

Made pages to Tahvo (N. Milk and Honey), Nome (N. Moonlight Shadow) and Kääriäinen (N. Midnight Special).

Turenki 4.9.2005
Loordi was best male 2 with reserve CC, Linda was second in bitches also with reserve CC.

Changed pictures to Chilis page (N. Insider).

Changed one picture at Anders page.

Oslo INT and the Norwegian Corgi specialty 13. & 14.8.2005
Linda was best bitch in both shows and got two Norwegian CCs.
 In the left BOB N & S & FIN & NORD CH SW-04 Alltrade Gravytrane, Linda in the right.  BOB in the left is Possible's Arthur from Sweden. Linda BOS again.

Aura 13.8.2005
Loordi was best male two and got his second CC.

Marja and Loordi.

Vantaa 24.7.2005
Linda was best bitch 2 with reserve CC.

Put a new picture to Love's page (N. Little Frodo).
- Took M-puppies away from Puppies-page and put them into Litters-page.
- Updated a couple of older results: Ripa's first obedience-result and Rosti's temperament test.
- Got a couple of new pictures from Sweden from Paula Rosendahl taken at our Specialty. Put one at Ripas picture-page and one at Loordi's page.

Nivala INT 17.7.2005
Loordi got reserve CC, Rosti reserve Cacib.

The Finnish Corgi Specialty in Raahe 16.7.2005
Ripa (INT & FIN & S & N & EST CH JW-99 W-03 Newcard's Fourwheeldrive) was best male and BOS
- my breeders-group was BOB-group with Ripa, Pipsa, Linda and Loordi,
- Sira (Blacksoleran Breed Back) was BOB-puppy.
Ripa in the left handled by Taija Pötsönen. BOB (and BOB-veteran) in the right is Big-Wood's Qinai Quatincka handled by Pirjo Heikkinen. Judge Bridget Smeeton.  Best of breed puppy Sira

Ripa with Taija Pötsönen, Linda with me, Pipsa with Sanna Kuusela and Loordi with Kirsi Purola.
Picture taken by Sari Kärki

Nokia 10.5.2005
Loordi was BOB and got his first CC, Linda was second in bitches with reserve CC.

Last update to M-pups at puppies-page with a link to seven-week-old pictures.

Changed one picture at Linda's page.

Updated puppies-page with a link to six-week-old pictures.

Changed pictures at Loordi's page.

Updated puppies-page with a link to five-week-old pictures.

Updated puppies-page with a link to four-week-old pictures.

Piikkiö 12..6.2005
Anders (Imme's A Blue Newcard) was best male two and got his second CC.

Put a new picture of ten-month-old Anders (Imme's A Blue Newcard).

Rauma 4.6.2005
Anders (Imme's A Blue Newcard) was best male and got his first CC.

Tinka's and Sigge's babies are two weeks old now. Updated puppies-page with a link to new pictures.

Leppävirta 28.5.2005
Rosti (Newcard's Jack Pot) was BOB.

Updated puppies-page with link to one-week-old pictures.

Tinka (Mudpaw's Born to be Newcard) free-whelped 5 new Newcard's-babies. More at puppies-page.

Raisio 14.5.2005
Loordi was best junior male with excellent, best male 2 and got reserve-CC.

Harjavalta 7.5.2005
Anders (Imme's A Blue Newcard) just turned 9 months old and had his first official show being best male 4 with excellent.

Lahti INT 23.4.2005
Rosti (Newcard's Jack Pot) was BOS with cacib. His brother Jaska (Newcard's Jack the Black) was also rewarded with excellent in open class.

Put a couple of new pictures of Tinka (Mudpaw's Born to be Newcard). She seems to be pregnant...

Put a birthday-picture here. Newcard's L-puppies had their one-year-birthday the 6th April.
Linda and Loordi had their own party.
 Sister and brother  After the party...

Blacksoleran Breed Back moved to her foster-home. Put new pictures of her at her page.

Updated my Puppies-page with a couple of pictures of the last mating.

Updated my Puppies-page.

The Finnish Welsh Corgi Clubs Cardigan of the Year 2004 results:
Top one show cardigan and best male: Newcard's Jack Pot
Top one Stud Dog: Newcard's Fourwheeldrive
Top 2 Stud Dog: Newcard's Jack Pot
Top one Brood Bitch: Newcard's Freelancer

Added a picture of Blacksoleran Breed Back's father Panther.

Put two new pictures to Anders page and made a page for Blacksoleran Breed Back, who moved in yesterday.

Put a fresh picture to Love's page (N. Little Frodo).

Made a page to Anders (Imme's A Blue Newcard) and put a new picture to Lindas page.

Put new pictures to Loordis page (Newcard's Lord of the Rings).

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