23.3.2018 Turku Int
Lyyli and her daughter Liisi
entered the show Liisi being best bitch and Lyyli second right after her.

30.9.2018 Eckerö INT
Ralle was best male 2 with reserve Cacib.

8.9. 2018 Parainen
Ralle was BOS
and Liisi his daughter BOB.

11.8.2018 Raisio
Lyyli was best bitch with CC and her daughter Liisi was best bitch four with reserve CC.

4.8.2018 Harjavalta
Ralle was
BOB with Cac and gained his champion title!

16.6.2018 Salo
Ralle was best male 4 with reserve Cac. His daughter Liisi was at her first show and got a Cac.

10.4.2018 update
We had a small familymeeting last weekend. Susanna took pictures of Armi, Lyyli, Olga and Liisi.

10.11.2017 update
Moved X-
puppies to litters-page.

22.10.2017 Rakvere, Estonia
Kami has moved to Estonia with his family and entered a show there.
It was his third show. The first two were three years ago in Finland as a junior.

15.10.2017 update
Updated puppies-page with pictures of my X-litter.

12.8.2017 Turku
Ralle was best male
2 with reserve Cac.

18.6.2017 Pöytyä
Lyyli was best bitch two with res.-CC.

28.5.2017 Rauma
was best male 4.

27.5.2017 Harjvalta
Ralle got his second CC being BOB.

13.5.2017 Salo
got his first CC

Armi and Ralle attended their first show beeing BOB- and BOS-puppies.

19.12.2016 update
Little boys Frodo and Ralle gave a visit to us today.

14.8.2016 Raisio
Lyyli was best bitch 4 with res.-CC

3.7.2016 update
Changed pictures at puppies-page.

24.6.2016 update
Updated puppies-page with Cara's babies and Kääriäinen's page with one new picture.

6.6.2016 Salo
Changed two pictures on  Enni's page.

15.5.2016 update
Cara's ultrasound confirmed her pregnancy! The pedigree of the litter on PUPPIES-page.

15.5.2016 Rauma
Lyyli was best bitch 4 with res.-CC.

7.5.2016 Salo
got her first CC!

5.4.2016 update
Lyyli was here and I took new pictures of her.

16.1.2016 Turku INT
Lyyli was best bitch at age of ten months! She also got her first CC. Roope was best male three and Kamu best male four.

26.9.2015 Eckerö INT
Lyyli was at her first show being BOB-puppy. Roope was best male 2. Buugi also got excellent but without CCQ.

2.6.2015 update
Updated dna testing results for Lyyli.

30.4.2015 update
Moved V-puppies from puppies-page to litters-page and made a page for Lyyli.

19.4.2015 update
Took new pictures of Enni's puppies (puppies-page).

1.4.2015 update
Enni's puppies are five weeks old today. Put pictures at puppies-page.

28.3.2015 Turku Int
Roope was best male 3 and Buugi got res-cac & res.-cacib.

13.3.2015 update
Enni freewhelped her puppies about two weeks ago. All brindles as expected. Two boys and three girls.

3.2.2015 update
Enni will have puppies!!! More on puppies-page.

6.--7.12.2014 Winner Shows Helsinki
Roope got three new titles during the weekend!

My e-mail address has changed. The one, which is in use is jaanajuponaho(at)

4.10.2014 update
Milli passed the BH-test with Kata! Great job! Congratulations!

28.9.2014 Eckerö INT
Maija was Best bitch, got her third CC and is now Finnish Champion! Hertta was third and Lotta fourth.

Newcard's BOB breeder group with Hertta, Maija, Milli and Lina.

10.8.2014 World Winner Show Helsinki
Roope was BOS veteran and got a new title. Put one new picture at Kami's page.

Kuopio Int 2.8.2014
Milli was BOB with Cac and Cacib.

30.6.2014 update
Two of U-puppies visited us this spring/summer. The boys are about one year old in these pictures.
 "Piko", Newcard's Urban Cowboy  "Ukko", Newcard's Urgent Matter

26.6.2014 updates
Put one new picture at Kami's page.
Roope has been BOS- or BOB-veteran at least in 14 shows so far during 2014 and gained one new title - Tallinn Veteran Winner 2014.

31.5.2014 Turku
Kamu got the last missing Cac and can now use the title FI CH.

9.2.2014 Tallinn, Estonia
Hertta was best bitch 3 after two junior bitches so she got the Cacib. That was the last one she needed for her International Champion title.

22.1.2014 update
New pictures at Kami's page.

Turku Int 18.1.2014
Rosti was best male 4 and BOB-veteran and Kamu got reserve Cac. Milli was best bitch 2 with res.-cac and res.-cacib, Enni was best bitch 3 and Maija 4.

Winner show in Helsinki 15.12.2013
Roope was BOS-veteran and got the title Veteran Winner 2013.

5.10.2013 Hämeenlinna
Puuki was best male 2 and got his first Cac.

15.9.2013 Krefeld, Germany
Spike was BOB.

2.9.2013 update
Made a page for Kami.

31.8.2013 The Finnish National Corgi Specialty
Milli was BOS with Cac.

13.8.2013 update
Moved U-puppies to "litters" -page.

11.8.2013 Moscow, Russia, Cardigan Specialty
Kaisa was best bitch 3 with Cac. New photos of her here.

10.8.2013 Porvoo
Enni was best bitch 3 with reserve Cac.

10.8.2013 Joensuu
Roope was BOS-veteran.

4.8.2013 Nokia
Roope was BOB-vet.

3.8.2013 Helsinki
Kamu got his second Cac.

14.7.2013 Hyvinkää
Lotta was BOS and got her first Cac.

13.-14.7.2013 Latvia
Roope entered three shows, was BOB-veteran in all of them and gained a new title => Latvian veteran champion.

6.7.2013 Mikkeli
Roope was BOB-veteran.

30.6.2013 St Petesburg, Russia "White Nights"
Raisa was BOB at both shows and has now all the Cacibs she needs for her International Champion title!

30.6.2013 Hämeenlinna
Kamu got his first Cac at a national show in Hämeenlinna. Roope was BOB-veteran at the same place.

23.6.2013 update
Took pictures of seven weeks old puppies .

16.6.2013 update
Made pages for Enni and Puuki. Took a new picture of Lotta.

Nine months old Enni and Puuki.

6.6.2013 update
At last an update! My computer has been down for a few weeks, but fortunately I didn't loose any files...
Put pictures of four weeks old puppies .

9.5.2013 update
Herttas puppies are born! More on  puppies -page.

20.4.2013 Moscow, Russia
Kaisa entered two shows in Moscow, got two CaCs and got the title RU CH! Congratulations!

14.3.2013 update
Updated  puppies -page.

10.2.2013 Tallin Int
Roope got a Cacib and can put a title International Champion before his name!

19.1.2013 Turku Int
Rosti was best male two and BOB-veteran, Maija got reserve-CaC and -Cacib.
Lotta and Kamu got also excellent critiques.

10.11.2012 Moscow, Russia
Kaisa got two JunCACs within one day again and gained the title Russian Junior Champion!

8.11.2012 update
Moved the puppies to litters-page. They have all moved to their new homes...

3.-4.11..2012 Tarto Int
Raisa was visiting Estonia and gaining a new title - Estonian Champion!

22.10.2012 update
Put pictures of nearly seven weeks old puppies at puppies -page.

21.10.2012 Turku Int
Hertta was best bitch 2 with reserve Cacib and Rosti was best male 4 and BOS-veteran.

7.10.2012 update
Put pictures of nearly five weeks old puppies at puppies -page.

6.10.2012 news from Moscow
Kaisa got two JunCaCs within one day.

30.9.2012 Russia
Raisa was BOB in two shows and got her titles FI & RU CH!

30.9.2012 Eckerö Int
Maija won the open class and was best bitch 3.

24.9.2012 update
Lotta's and Vili's puppies are three weeks old today and growing fine.

23.9.2012 Moscow
Kaisa entered her first show being BOB.

9.9.2012 update
Put pictures of 6 days old puppies at puppies -page.
Boy one is yawning, not screaming as it looks like. I am not hanging him in the picture ;>).

6.9.2012 update
Newcard's T-puppies were born on Monday! 2 boys and 5 girls. First pictures on puppies -page.

16.8.2012 update
Made a page for Martti.

14.8.2012 update
Made pages for S-girls Liina, Kaisa and Milli. Lotta is definitly pregnant!

11.8.2012 Raisio
Liina was BOB-puppy and Maija got a reserve Cac being best bitch two.

30.6.2012 Gällivare Int Sweden
Roope got his third Cacib.

26.6.2012 update
As You know (I know because You can read this :>)), the new address to my pages is
Lotta is mated today with Vili (Mandylay's Will Smith). More on puppies -page.

Kotka Int 15.6.2012
Raisa was best bitch two with Cac & reserve Cacib.

9.6.2012 The Finnish Welsh Corgi Club Show.
Raisa was best in open bitches, Rosti was BOB-veteran and best male 4, Liina (Newcard's Semper fi) was best baby-puppy.

Liina and me Raisa,
handled by Karina Peristik

2.6.2012 St Peterburgh, Russia
Raisa was BOB and GROUP1!

7.5.2012 update
My server is closing web-page service! I have to move my pages somewhere else. Don't know where yet...

6.5.2012 Rauma
Maija got her second Cac.

5.5.2012 St Petersburg, Russia
Raisa was BOB with Cacib.

22.2.2012 update
Took away puppy-pictures. Of some reason I cannot send any pictures to my pages anymore...
I will move the puppies to litters-page, but unfortunately without pictures...

29.1.2012 update
New pictures of the puppies

21.1.2012 Turku Int
Maija was best bitch with Cac and Cacib. Lotta won her class and got CCQ.
Rosti was second in veteran dogs - also with CCQ.

15.1.2012 update
New pictures of the puppies.

8.1.2012 update
Changed the pictures of the puppies.

21.12.2011 update
Put first pictures of  Hertta's puppies on puppies-page.

10.12.2011 update
Teddy (SE CH Carddicted Chainreaction) got a new title today - Nordic Winner 2011. 
Teddy is the father of Hertta's puppies. They will born any day know...

13.11.2011 update
Teddy (SE CH Carddicted Chainreaction) from Sweden visited Hertta in the middle of October.
More on puppies-page.

24.9.2011 Eckerö Int, Åland
Hertta was best bitch with Cac and Cacib and finished her FI CH title.

Hertta BOS in the left, Samu (Welshtian Aconitum) BOB and Group 1 under the same judge Tapio Eerola.
Picture taken by Taija Pötsönen.

4.9.2011 Lithuania
Roope was best male 2 with Cac anf got the titles Lithuanian & Baltic Champion.

27.8.2011 Tervakoski Int
Roope was best male 2 and got Cacib.

2.7.2011 Kokkola Int
Roope was BOB and got his second Cacib. Put a new picture of him.

25.-26.6.2011 St Petersburg Int, Russia
Hertta, Linda and Rune travelled to St Petersburg to meet Raisa and enter two international Shows.
Rune was best male both days. Hertta was BOB on Saturday and Linda got the cacib on Sunday.
That was the last foreign Cacib she needed for her International Champion title.

Hertta in the ring.

Raisa with her father Rune.

Rune, Linda, Raisa and Hertta.

21.5.2011 Somero
Hertta (in the right) was BOB, BOS Imago's X-mas Party.

Picture by Else Ahlbom

14.5.2011 Rauma
Titu got her first Cac!

23.4.2011 Lappeenranta Int
Raisa was best bitch 2 with Cac!

17.4.2011 Kiova, Ukraina
Noel was BOB and GROUP 4 and got one more champion title!

27.3.2011 Luxenburg Int
Noel was BOB and got a new title again!

6.2.2011 Corgi Specialty, Russia
Raisa was best of breed puppy and BIS-puppy! New picture.

29.1.2011 F-puppies turned 12 years today!
Three of four is still with us and selebrated their birthday at breeders.

From left: Pipsa, Ripa, Inka.

23.1.2011 Turku Int
Hertta got reserve Cac, Lotta was third in junior class with excellent and Rosti was BOS-veteran.

15.1.2011 Slovenia
Noel was BOB and got two more titles - Slovenian Champion and Winner 2011.


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